Engine China 2019

Engine China 2019
Name of the pavilion: Beijing. China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall)
Time: 2019/8/9~2019/8/11
Address: North Third Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
The Wagna  of Germany participated in the world's largest international internal combustion engine exhibition--the 18th China International Internal Combustion Engine and Parts Exhibition (Engine China 2019) at the China International Exhibition Center from August 9th to 11th, 2019. The exhibition area was expected to reach 22,000 square meters.
It is said that this exhibition is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and is sponsored by the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association. Since the first Engine China exhibition in 1994, China International Internal Combustion Engine and Parts Exhibition has witnessed the development history of China’s internal combustion engine industry for more than 20 years, and has become the most professional and influential internal combustion engine exhibition in the world, exhibiting area and exhibiting. The number of businesses, professional audience, concurrent activities, promotion and other aspects have incomparable advantages.
Under the theme of “independent innovation, energy saving and emission reduction, green manufacturing”, the exhibition fully demonstrated various types of internal combustion engine main engines and parts, re-manufacturing technologies and products, power generation equipment and distributed energy, diesel generator sets, gasoline generator sets, and gas generator sets. Generator sets and ancillary products; wind energy, solar energy, mass energy generator sets and ancillary products; fuel water pumps; power vehicles; distributed energy, cold and heat electricity triple supply; waste heat power generation system; generator control system; instrumentation, motor and related zero Special manufacturing equipment such as components and related technologies and services.
[Scope of the exhibition]
1. Internal Combustion Engine (can also be installed on the supporting main engine or set)
Gasoline engines and diesel engines for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, passenger cars, motorcycles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, internal combustion power generation equipment, railway locomotives, marine, petroleum and other uses; use of compressed natural gas, liquefaction LPG and other alternative fuel engines; general purpose small gasoline engine; hybrid engine, new energy power;
2.Generator Set
Diesel generator sets, gasoline generator sets, gas generator sets,marine generator sets, wind energy generator sets, solar generator sets, generator control systems, and other backup power sources;
3.Various internal combustion engine parts, accessories, control systems, instrumentation and fuel cells;
4. New technologies, new materials or scientific research results and information materials for internal combustion engines;
5. Various internal combustion engine manufacturing processes and special equipment, metal processing equipment (such as casting and forging, gold cutting machine tools and accessories, testing, cleaning, etc.), testing and testing equipment, transportation and assembly, factory automation systems, management consulting and quality certification, etc. Various technical products and services;
6. Computer software and auxiliary systems (CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM and hardware) for research and development, design, testing and diagnosis of internal combustion engines;
7. Fuel oil for internal combustion engines (including alternative fuels), lubricating oil, coolant, cleaning agents, additives, etc.