Farm Guardian Generator Set

In today , the agricultural mode of most countries is gradually changing , from traditional artisanal farming to specialized farming, especially in livestock industry.All of these industries are in turn dependent on the steady supply of electrical power. Compare with the expensive grid power or the unstable green power (wind , solar ,etc ) , the agricultural industry is more interested than ever in a reliable and save backup or prime power system. 

The special generator set for the breeding industry of Wagna is designed according to the environment of the breeding industry to extend the life of the generator set.Reduce the failures, to save the lost caused by power outage.

  Dual Control System

Besides of the original multi-functional intelligent control system, an extra manual control system has been added into the control panel.When the main controller is damaged and cannot be used normally it can be switched to the manual system, so that the genset can still be used .

   More DurableDesign

IP52 Fully Enclosed Control Cabinet,the control cabinet of the Wagna generator set adopts a fully enclosed design, and a unique sealing design is used at the outlet, keeps pests and mice from entering into the cabinet.

  Insect-proof Cover

The heat dissipation port of the alternator adopts a copper insect-proof cover to prevent the insect from entering the alternator, when the genset is shut-down.

  High-strength Wire Cover

The wiring cover is made of high-strength national standard nylon to prevent the wire from being bitten by insects or rats and causing a failure of the genset.

  Fire Extinguisher

In order to prevent the expansion of the fire area, do not use water to extinguish the oily fire. Wagna generator set is equipped with a fire extinguisher, so that the user can easily handle the fire to avoid safety accidents and property losses

Power cuts or damaged lines can have an even more severe impact onfarms and agricultural businesses.

Farm and livestock industry need reliable , stable , efficient and inexpensive backup or prime power solution that they can depend on in a pinch . A good generator can turn a disaster into a minor inconvenience .