Silent canopy is an enclosed generator that, in addition to reducing the sound of a diesel generator, protects it against environmental conditions. To build an excellent canopy will cost a lot . However, why do diesel generator manufacturers, despite these fact, build a silent diesel generator? 
It should be noted that not only the canopy do not reduce the output power of the genset , but also Increased the value of the generator set itself. Wagna is to make this product without compromising on the functionality of the Silent diesel generator. The variety is satisfied, the performance is outstanding and the emission capability is excellent.Also, the production has been certificated by the ISO9001 quality system.

The features of Wagna Canopy Generator :
Low Noise & Low Fuel Consumption
Light Weight, Low Fuel Consumption, Water Cooled or Air Cooled
Protection and Warning for Over-current, Over-load, High Water Temperature and Low Oil Pressure
Various Soundproof Sponge Pad for Option. 
Fireproof Sponge is Available
Manual Panel or Digital Panel for Option

We can also supply accessory parts.We can offer you professional service and maintenance.All generator sets are original from our factory with high quality, stable performance, competitive price, timely delivery, best service.