Risk of not using original accessories

To ensure the gensetperform well, Wagna will provide sufficient and rapid supply of original factory spare parts to users.

If do not use the original accessories, additional costs may arise as a result of frequent failures and repairs. Inevitably, it also reduces the level of power supply and increases the risk of damaging other components of the generator set.The real original accessories can help you extend the life of your generator sets.

Wagna continually provide reliable and professional technique-support.

The after-sales technical services and support staffs in Wagna, have excellent professional skills and enthusiasm to provide customers with warm and comfort service.

On average, they have more than 6 years of experience in manufacturing, testing, maintenance and service of generator set, and are mostly trained by maintenance training institutions.

Quality and Safety Assurance

Every original accessory supplied by Wagna will be passed through strict quality inspection process before delivery, to ensure that the generator set works  consistently and reliably while using Wagna’s accessory.

12-month warranty

All the accessories provided by Wagna are covered by a 12-month warranty, with the quality and safety of the product guaranteed.  

Rapid and Reliable Delivery System

The global logistics center of Wagna uses advanced computer technology for efficient global cooperation to ensure timely distribution of various of accessories to around the world . In China, Wagna stocks a large inventory to make sure the goods can be shipped to the clients in time .